Sparkling Images Residential Window Cleaning


Pricing includes inside and out clean windows,removal,cleaning,and replacing of screens,and cleaning all window and door tracks.                                                                                                          Base Price For Basic One-Story Homes: $80.00                                                                                      Base Price For Two-Story Homes With Accessible Wrap-Around Roof: $100.00                            Traditional French Doors With Divided Windows: $10.00 Extra Per-Set                                          Two, Or More Sets Of Sliding Glass Doors: $10.00 Extra To The Base Rate
You may ask,why us?Over the years,we have built a very loyal client base who have had us clean their windows since we started our service in 2009.We treat your windows and your home as if it was our own.We offer a service that most housecleaning services don't include,a service for people with busy lives,or need a hand keeping up the appearance of their beautiful investment.